1. Honorary Secretary of ORFC

Working in tandem with the Chair this administrative role is of the utmost importance to the successful development of ORFC.

The RFU link to this position is:


ORFC Summary is:

Provide an open communication link between the committee, sub- committees, members and other clubs.

Record, manage and ensure action on all inward and outward correspondence including legal and insurance matters and acknowledge where necessary.

Ensure all relevant forms and publications are distributed to the responsible officers and are available to members where applicable.

Organise the AGM, Committee meetings, prepare agendas, reports and associated papers and take minutes. Produce clear and accurate minutes of all Committee Meetings within two weeks of the meeting and distribute to all committee members and administrative staff.

Communicate all matters of importance from the Oxfordshire RFU and the RFU and other rugby organisations to the committee, section members; maintaining a sound knowledge of current RFU rules and regulations.

Update the Club Handbook on an annual basis for distribution to all club members via the club website.

Take an active role in the continual review process for Club Accreditation. This is to include verification and confirmation of information provided to the Oxfordshire Development Officer is correct.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION EMAIL: northhinkseypark@gmail.com

Undertake the role of Nominated League Contact (NLC) for all senior teams entered into structured RFU Leagues.

Maintain as appropriate details of the RFU on-line Concussion training completed by members.

Maintain and report to the RFU where appropriate all reported injuries to players at all levels and those involving non-players.

Time Needed: 4 hours /week. ORFC Committee Meeting 2nd Thursday of the Month.

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