ORFC Green and Blacks Newsletter Issue 6 April 2020


Ready For the Re-start

Oxford Rugby Club took Covid-19 seriously from the very beginning by providing hand sanitizer in February. Throughout March we put into place a financial plan to ensure the club would not suffer like so many others. As a result we will be ready for the re-start.

Whenever lockdown is over and we are able to play rugby again the pitches will be ready, the bar will be stocked and the changing rooms will have a new feel to them following a month of cleaning, sanding and painting in club colours. Whoever designed the club badge with a black and green nomad, a red ox crossing a blue ford on a white background?

Much work has taken place tidying the entrance to the club. First impressions count for so much so branches have been felled, retaining walls finished, weeds killed and rubbish thrown away. All those little jobs which make so much difference that we have never got around to.

Pitch 1, the training areas of Pitches 2 and 3 have been seeded and as I write it is raining - perfect! The area behind the squash courts is being cleared. We have tentative plans, if we can put the finance together, to build a children’s playground but it is early days.

Finally, the club is fully behind two of our Sunday Morning dads (see below). Reuben and Tim’s initiative is terrific, please donate if you can.

Reuben Gates & Tim Robathan

Like you, we are shocked to hear our NHS frontline staff do not have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them from Corona Virus whilst saving lives from Covid-19. My friend Tim Robathan and I set up this not-for-profit funding page to raise money for raw materials to make visors for frontline staff. Tim has an engineering and design business in Oxford called www.dash-cae.co.uk with a state of the art 3D printing capability. He is able to manufacture circa 50 visors per day and potentially other critically needed equipment / components.
We have both contributed to the fund so that we can start manufacturing the visors. We have already started to donate these visors to hospitals, carers and local GPs working with Corona Virus patients in Covid Hot Clinics in Oxfordshire none of whom have visors. We are also fully plugged into the NHS Supply Chain. Many frontline staff are currently having to treat Covid-19 patients without visor protection. Donations-make-visors-that-save lives. We are fighting a war agains this virus and the NHS Frontline staff are effectively our soldiers. Please help to keep them fighting for us by donating as much as you can to this entirely charitable, not-for-profit cause. Thank you so much. Tim and Reuben

Mini and Junior Videos

This week and next should have been the celebration weeks for the Mini and Juniors. They would have gathered to review the season and no doubt feast on burgers and hot dogs. The coaches have not forgotten them and are putting together video diaries of the season. M and J Chair James Clark tells me they will be going live soon.

Senior Coaching 2020 - 21

I am delighted to say that the committee has appointed to head up Men's Coaching - Dom Mathews and Ladies Coaching - Francesca Ronan. They will work together along with Playing Manager Wayne Rushen to take senior playing forward by developing the players and increasing our player base. On that front a very important appointment has been Gareth Wyatt whose role is to coordinate our social media content. Social media can be an incredibly effective tool for recruitment but malicious, thoughtless content can also drive members away. Before you press send take a minute and look at the content - would you say the same thing to someone face to face? If not, do not press!

All in all it has been a very busy month behind the scenes by those volunteers you never see but without whom you would not have a club.

John Brodley Chair ORFC

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